Poppy Seed Dumplings with Apricot Sauce

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 8.0 (servings)



Apricot Sauce And Garnish:

For garnish:


Put the strained curd cheese in a dish and squeeze out all the liquid. Prepare the curd cheese with the remaining ingredients to a smooth dough and rest for at least 2 hours. For the filling, bring the cinnamon, sugar, milk and rum to the boil and melt the chopped cooking chocolate in it. Fold in poppy seeds and bread crumbs, then put in the refrigerator. Form small balls from the cooled quantity and freeze them. Cut out small balls from the curd mass with an ice cream scoop and fill them with a poppy seed ball.

Heat water in a saucepan, season lightly with salt and perhaps add a dash of rum for flavor. Put the dumplings in and cook in the lightly boiling water for 15 min more than make. Take out the cooked dumplings and drain them on a dish rack, then roll them in a mixture of poppy seeds and vanilla sugar.

Boil the apricots with honey and a little water and blend with a hand blender. Pass the sauce through a sieve, heat again and thicken with cornflour.

Arrange poppy seed dumplings with apricot sauce on plates.

White wine

Tip: Use better chocolate – the better the result will taste!

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