Grilled Beef Salad – Took Thok

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Total time: 45 min




I N F O Also nahm thok is a leaf lettuce from the north, it has strong similarity with larp. However, it is prepared with only one piece of grilled meat. The name refers to the drops of meat juice that form on the side of the meat away from the temperature during grilling, Thai cooks literally call it nahm thok “waterfall”. This is the signal for them to turn the meat, which is usually cooked pink. Beef is used for this leaf salad, but occasionally pork is used.

I find rabbit or venison also lend themselves well to this method of preparation.

P a g e First cook the dressing, it should taste pervasively hot, sour and salty. Grill beef to your liking. Cut into slices and mix with shallots and herbs. Dress leafy salad and top with toasted long grain rice.

Our tip: If you like to cook with fresh herbs, it’s best to get kitchen herbs in pots – that way you’ll always have everything on hand!

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