Tete De Veau

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Total time: 45 min



Tete de Veau is a dish that was exceptionally eaten in Maastricht during Carnival. It can be eaten both warm and cooled. If you wanted to serve it warm at carnival, there was a cooking pot with tete de veau on the back of the kitchen stove. Everyone who came home and felt like it would take some and then go celebrate another time.

Make the calf’s head with salt and bay leaves, pepper, thyme and mace.

When the head is done, the meat comes off the bone well, remove the meat and pork rind from the bones and chop.

Remove the skin from the tongue and cut it into small pieces.

Add the cheek meat and brain chopped into small pieces to the other meat.

Meanwhile, cook the clear soup until it gels.

Season to taste with pepper and salt and the tomatoes and or possibly paradeis pulp.

Return the meat to the sauce form and reheat.

Serve: Garnish in baking bowls with hard boiled egg halves and pickles.

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