Quince Liqueur – Bavaria

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 1.0 (servings)



Quinces are available from September to November. Pear quinces taste even better than apple quinces, contain more sugar and in detail the tart acidity that makes quince liqueur so aromatic.

Rinse quinces, grate finely and let stand for about twelve hours until juice has formed.

Place a chair or stool on the surface with the legs facing up. Place a crockery hanger over the four legs and tie so that it sags a tiny bit at the bottom. Place a container under the harness.

Put the quinces with the juice into the harness and let them stand for twelve hours until the juice has run through the harness. Squeeze the quinces with a cloth.

Bring sugar to boil with water. Add the quince juice and bring to the boil again. When cooled, mix with the Obstler and fill into light-colored bottles. Close with a stopper and place on a sunny windowsill for four weeks.

Pass the quince liqueur through a coffee filter bag, fill it repeatedly into the bottles filled with hot water – without detergent ! – fill and seal bottles grown out.

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