Raisin Water – Voda Izjumennaja

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Total time: 45 min



Note: start about 1 month before.

Put the raisins in a small barrel or other container and add water (1). Peel the lemon thinly, remove the white and the seeds, add the peel and the pulp to the barrel form. Melt the yeast in water (2) and add it, stirring continuously. Leave to stand and ferment at room temperature for three days.

For better fermentation, shake the barrel daily.

Place on ice for twelve days, but not in the freezer.

Bottle. Be careful not to shake the sediment. When bottling, filter the juice through a linen or possibly cotton cloth folded four times. Close the bottles well, e.g. with a stubble, seal and place evenly on sand over ice. After two weeks, taste the drink. In a glass 1 tsp. sugar form and pour the raisin water. When it foams, the raisin water is ready.


The sugar is only for testing: usually raisin water is drunk without sugar.

Use only champagne bottles for bottling, as they withstand the pressure created by fermentation. Do not fill the bottles completely.

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