Fruit Salad in Melon Boat

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Total time: 15 min


For the garnish:


First, cut the melons in half lengthwise, scoop out the flesh and cut into small cubes (without seeds). Halve the peel again lengthwise and thus cut into smaller boats or leave the melon halved, as desired.

Cut remaining fruit into bite-sized cubes as well, pitting or peeling for this if needed.

Put everything in a bowl and stir in lime juice and liquid whipped cream. Flavor with cinnamon, cloves and sugar. Add raspberry brandy, etc. to taste.

Arrange melon boats on plates, place fruit salad on top and all around. Garnish with ice cream scoops or whipped cream to taste.

Sprinkle the fruit salad with pistachios or almond flakes and decorate with mint or lemon balm leaves.

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