Steam Noodles with Wine Sauce

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 4.0 (servings)

Steam noodles:

Wine sauce:


Pasta dishes are just always delicious!

For the dough, heat the milk with 10 g sugar. Let the yeast melt in it. Mix yeast milk with flour, remaining sugar, egg and butter with the dough hook of the mixer to a smooth dough. Leave the dough to rise for 90 minutes in a warm place with the lid on.

For the sauce, cut the vanilla pod lengthwise and scrape out the pulp. Mix wine with 150 ml water. 50 g sugar, vanilla bean and

vanilla bean and pulp in a saucepan. Remove 3 tbsp of the wine mixture, boil the rest at high temperature to 350 ml open.

Separate the eggs, leave the egg whites to cool. Stir 3 tbsp cold wine mixture, egg yolks and custard powder until smooth. Stir into boiling wine sauce with a whisk and make 1 minute while stirring. Pour sauce through a sieve into a suitable bowl and cool completely.

4. knead the yeast dough on the lightly floured surface, divide in half, form 2 rolls (20 cm long, 3 cm (3) from it and cut each roll into 6 pieces. Grate each piece into semicircular balls in hollow floured hand.

Boil oil, salt and 100 ml water in a wide, shallow saucepan. Place steamed noodles, round side up (with a tiny bit of space between them), in the saucepan. Cover and cook over medium heat for 20 minutes. It is important to do this by ear! The steamed noodles should crackle softly. If they crackle strongly, they will burn at the base (“feet”). 6.

While the noodles are cooking

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