Banana Wine

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Total time: 45 min



I have been making banana wine for years. Extremely delicious, but because it is a dessert wine (15-17 o/o alcohol) and then also sweetened, it is an extreme bedtime snack. One glass, and you sleep like a log. Here’s the recipe:

Mix apple juice (no preservatives) with yeast culture Samos or port, let stand 3 days.

Mix water with sugar, heat until the sugar is dissolved. Then cool to 25 °C.

Peel bananas (preferably brown with yellow spots), mash them, add Antigel (vegetable enzyme that breaks down pectin, making it very easy to squeeze. Bananas otherwise hardly squeeze) in the sugar solution form and still add the tablets of yeast nutrient salt and lactic acid, and fill in a balloon of at least 25 liters (based on 1 recipe). The quantity ferments very quickly, rising to the top as foam. If a smaller balloon is taken, the banana foam can be admired all over the room. Besides, a small piece of banana clogging the fermentation tube (only for a short time, the pressure drives it out) can lead to wonderful stains on the ceiling (tried it yourself…).

After 14 days, the fermentation is usually already finished, then the wine is pressed off the pulp, this is also done quite well with a Geschirrhangl.

Then sulfurize (otherwise the wine turns brown) and repeatedly fill into a balloon of 10 liters, fermentation tube on it and put 2-3 months cooled. After that the wine should be clear, un

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