Flour Dumplings – Silesian

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 4.0 (servings)



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Preface: Dumplings also appeal to the simplicity-oriented mind of the Silesian. He likes to eat them, like the peasant, as the main course of a meal, often instead of potatoes as an accompaniment to meat. The best known of the Silesian dumplings are probably the flour dumplings.

Eggs, milk, flour, salt are mixed to a liquid dough, which must bubble. Later, roasted bread crumbs and a little bit of melted beef tallow are added, and large dumplings are cut off with a wet spoon and left to cook in running water for a quarter of an hour. Before serving, douse them with brown butter. Serve with baked or steamed fresh fruit, or with roast meat.

If you want the dumplings to be light, add a little baking powder to the dough. They will then rise very much. From the same dough you can also make a napkin dumpling and offer it cut into slices for frying.

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