Stuffed Dumplings On

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Total time: 45 min



Try this delicious pasta dish:

120 g g ground beef, k, coarsely turned 80 g g peppers en mixed diced.

Make a strudel dough with flour, oil, iodized salt and a little bit of lukewarm water, rest for about 2 hours. Make the soaked lentils al dente in salted water, mix well with the blanched and well drained as well as chopped spinach leaves and also chopped mushrooms. Roll out the prepared dough very thinly on a floured board, relax it a little and cut out circles with a cookie cutter or a glass the size of a coffee cup. Brush the edges with egg yolk mixed with a little water, put a small amount of the lentil and spinach filling on one half, spread the other half on top and press the edges well with a fork. Cook these dumplings in boiling salted water to boiling point, then drain well and fry in hot butter until lightly golden.

Sauté the beef in clarified butter, add the diced peppers, add the tomato juice and clear soup, add the herbs.

Add kitchen herbs, season with iodized salt/pepper. Spread sauce evenly on plates, arrange dumplings on top.

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