Sauerkraut – Basic Recipe

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Total time: 1 hour



Finely scrape the cabbage with a cabbage slicer. Place in a clean wooden cabbage barrel with 10-12 g of salt per kilogram of cabbage, caraway seeds, juniper berries and bay leaves and press in well. Cover with clean linen cloth, close with suitably cut boards and weigh down with a stone. Store for at least 6 weeks, i.e. allow to ferment lactic acid. During this time, the Krautfassl should be stored in the dark at approx. 4-5 °C. (Exposure to light, e.g. in plastic containers, could cause the sauerkraut to turn rather gray). Skim off the white foam that develops during fermentation and cover the kraut again with a damp, clean linen cloth and weigh it down. After fermentation is complete, the cabbage can be stored at about 2 °C for another 6-8 weeks. However, the cabbage will also become somewhat more acidic.

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