Laid Cabbage

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 8.0 (servings)





There is a whole mass of the most diverse recipes for this hearty dish. We opted for the version with soured cabbage. This is white cabbage that, like our sauerkraut, has been salted and thus lactic fermented, but unlike the cabbage we are familiar with, it has been soured whole and not previously shaved into fine strips. The souring makes the structure of the cabbage crumbly, it gets a very unique consistency. You can buy sauerkraut wherever there are Hungarians. And often where sauerkraut is produced. You just have to ask! But if you are unlucky and cannot find such cabbage, you can cook the recipe just as well with normal, i.e. unleavened, fresh white cabbage. It tastes then differently, but guarantees likewise wonderfully!

Carefully divide the sauted cabbage head into leaves – peel off as many leaves as you want to make rolls. If you are processing an unseeded cabbage head whose leaves are still tightly closed and bulky, you need to immerse the entire head in boiling salted water for several minutes at a time until the outer layers of leaves have softened and come off without tearing. Quench the leaves in ice-cold water to make them easier to prepare. In any case, cut thick leaf veins level or even remove them completely.

at the beginning cook the filling: To do this, cut the rolls into narrow slices, wet them in a baking bowl with the lukewarm milk. A quarter of an hour

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