Wild Boar Pepper and Plum Dumplings

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 4.0 (servings)

Wild boar pepper:

Plum dumplings:


1. fry the bacon cubes in oil, add the onion cubes and sauté gently until translucent.

Season the meat with salt and season with pepper. Crush the juniper berries, stir in and braise in the bacon and onion mixture. During braising, stir frequently and occasionally extinguish with a little black beer.

After 40 minutes, add the diced vegetables and cook for a few minutes.

4. sprinkle the sugar and caramelize. Add flour and let it brown while stirring. Add cinnamon, pour a little water and stir well to keep the stock smooth.

Add the rest of the black beer and a little water (or soup) until the meat is covered, add the bay leaf spice and the juice of one lemon and cook until done.

6. finally, pluck the fresh thyme and rosemary leaves and add them to the wild boar pepper form, which must not make now. When serving, pour a little bit of sweet whipped cream over the hot meat cubes. It goes well with wild mushrooms stewed in onion.

1. remove the skin from the cooked potatoes and press them through a potato press while they are still hot. Season with salt and nutmeg, add flour and eggs. Work everything through until you get an even mixture. 2.

Form dumplings with floured hands, which should have a diameter of six centimeters. Press a dried plum into the center of each dumpling.

3. place in a large

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