Stufato – Goethe’s Favorite Dish – A Steamed Beef Tail with Lots of Vegetables

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 4.0 (servings)



The presence of guests had a particular influence on the kitchen menu, which Goethe often designed himself. Usually, in addition to soup, there were three or a maximum of 4 baking bowls (courses) with meat and vegetables. Among his favorite dishes was also an Italian stufato.

Goethe got to know this dish during his trips to Italy. At the table with guests was then “rummaged” in memories. For Goethe, eating was not only the intake of food, but also had an important communicative meaning.

The oxen tow is washed, cut into the limbs in such a way that about 5 cm large pieces arise. The lard is put in the freezer and after about 1 hour it is cut into strips. After larding the oxtail pieces, season with salt and pepper.

Cut the peeled garlic cloves into strips and also lard them into the meat pieces with a pointed kitchen knife.

Finally, sprinkle the paprika powder over the meat. Heat the vegetable fat in a roasting pan with a lid and fry the pieces of oxtail well on all sides.

Then add the finely diced streaky bacon and fry it well. At the end of the frying process, add the shallots cut into wedges, which are also fried well.

Then deglaze the mixture with clear soup and put the lid on the roasting vessel. Everything must be cooked at a moderate temperature for about 100 minutes. Should z

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