Drunk Barbecue Chicken

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Total time: 1 hour

Servings: 4.0 (servings)


For the barbecue seasoning:


For the drunken grilled chicken gut the chicken (remove the giblets), carefully wash and pat dry. Of course, you can also use a ready-to-cook grilled chicken.Mix the spices with a little oil and water. Alternatively, you can use a ready-made grilled chicken seasoning or a spice blend of your choice. Brush the grilled chicken inside and out with the spice mixture. Prepare beer can (0.5l) and empty 1/3 of the beer. Add a little spice mixture to the can. Now place the ready-seasoned grilled chicken on the opened beer can. To prevent too much steam from escaping, tie the neck opening shut or close it with a potato. Place the chicken with the beer can on an aluminum grill cup. You can empty some more beer into the grill cup. Now grill the chicken for about 60-75 minutes with the grill closed. Keep brushing the chicken with the juice from the aluminum cup so that the skin gets nice and crispy. The chicken will be especially crispy if you mix the beer juice with some honey or maple syrup in the last 10 minutes and brush the chicken with it.After grilling, carefully remove the hot beer can and serve the drunken grilled chicken.

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