Osso Buco Sauce with Cauliflower Roses

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 4.0 (Portionen)



Good to know:

The marrow of the leg slices can be extracted to offer later, cut into slices, lightly salted, peppered, breaded and fried, for eating. The slices of leg meat, with or without the marrow, are browned on all sides in a large saucepan. Roughly chop the onions, three stalks of celery, the leek, the peppers, two carrots and the cloves of garlic, add them to the meat, also fry them briefly and extinguish them with the red wine. Then add the pizza tomatoes, bay leaf and cinnamon and season lightly with salt. Fill everything up with hot water so that the meat is covered.

Let it boil and simmer on low heat for at least two and a half hours. Take out the meat again, let it cool down, remove all skins, tendons and fat residues and shred it.

Strain the stock with a strong wooden spoon for about five minutes, so that the strained onions and carrots bind the stock. Degrease the stock with kitchen roll and boil it to the desired mass and consistency.

Season to taste and add a finely diced carrot and celery stick together with the meat. If desired, stir a dollop of crème fraîche into the meat sauce. Serve on cauliflower roses and/or pasta like penne rigate. Bon appétit!

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