Chamois a La Tirolienne – Chamois Tyrolean Style

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 1.0 (servings)



This method of preparation is as follows: After the chamois is stripped, cut and washed clean, it is placed in an earthen vessel, salted, seasoned with some bay leaves, onions, parsnips, cloves, thyme, juniper berries and a lemon cut into four parts, and hot vinegar is poured over it, weighted down with the lid closed, and kept in a cold place.

After five to six days the back or the leg is taken out, larded like a leg of venison, then it is placed in a roasting dish, seasoned repeatedly with a pepper, bay leaf spice, onion and salt, Pour red Tyrolean wine, good sour cream and a little dripping over it, add a few crusts of black bread and roast it in the oven until it is soft and briefly juicy, with frequent basting, adding a little sour cream and wine a few times. When serving, the leg of pork is placed on a roasting dish, the remaining juice is boiled up with a little beef broth and poured over it as a bound, light-brown, tasty sauce and served immediately.

Our tip: Use your favorite red wine for cooking!

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