Homemade Sauerkraut

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Total time: 45 min


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A delicious recipe for all strawberry lovers!

Remove the outer leaves from the white cabbage, cut into quarters and remove the stem wedge-shaped. Finely shave the cabbage and mix well with the fine salt and sugar. Pound with your fists into a jar or glazed earthenware barrel. The liquid in the jar! Place an untreated, resin-free hardwood (oak or beech) on the tamped down white cabbage (the wood should be a little smaller than the inner diameter of the jar), which has previously been wrapped with a clean dishcloth. Then weigh the wood down with a clean stone. Next, a lactic fermentation begins. The sauerkraut must always be kept below the liquid level by the pressure of the stone. The dishes, board and stone should be cleaned week after week. The vessel should be placed in the cool cellar. After about 3 weeks it is already worth to taste the sauerkraut.


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