Homemade Grilled Cheese

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Total time: 1 hour

Servings: 4.0 (servings)



Pour the milk into a saucepan and heat slowly. Stir several times to prevent it from sticking. Bring to a boil and turn down the heat.

Squeeze the lemon and mix it with the natural yogurt. Slowly stir the mixture into the milk until it flocculates.

Prepare a bowl with a fine sieve, place a gauze diaper on the sieve (rinse the gauze diaper with clean water beforehand and wring it out).

Pour the cheese mixture through the cloth and smooth it out a bit.

Fold the gauze diaper around the cheese mixture and twist the cloth together. As much whey as possible should be squeezed out of the cheese mixture.

Weight the cheese in the cloth for half an hour and then let it harden in the refrigerator.

Then put the wrapped cheese back in the strainer and weigh it down for at least an hour. Either a bowl of water or another heavy object is suitable for this purpose.

Allow the cheese to cool, then remove from the cloth and chill thoroughly in the refrigerator.

Slice the cheese and chop the fresh herbs. Marinate everything with oil in a bowl for an hour.

Now either fry it out in a pan at medium temperatures with a little oil or put it on the grill from both sides until it takes on a golden brown color.

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