Grilled King Prawns on Skewer

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 4.0 (servings)

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Pasta dishes are always a good idea!

1. break crayfish tails from the shell, shell to tail end as you like. Score crab tails along back, remove black gut thread from each. Rinse off crab tails, dry and stick lengthwise on long wooden skewers.

Cut chili pepper in half lengthwise, remove seeds, rinse and cut into strips as fine as possible. Remove peel from ginger and dice as finely as possible. Coriander rinse, shake dry, pluck off the leaves and chop. 3.

Mix everything with soy sauce, maple syrup, both types of oil and the juice of one lemon. Season the marinade with salt and pepper, pour it over the crab tails and marinate them for 2 hours.

4. drain skewers a little bit and roast them in a hot frying pan all around. Bring to the table drizzled with remaining marinade.

Tip: It looks especially decorative if the skewers are served on a bed of fried glass noodles.

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