Shrimp Skewer on Vanilla Noodles

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Total time: 45 min



pull through. Clean asparagus spears and slightly point at the bottom end. Cut a slit in the crab tails. Remove skin from pineapple and cut into rough cubes, then drill a hole in each.

Stick two crab tails and a piece of pineapple on each asparagus spear. Roast in olive oil, add a dash of soy sauce to the oil form as a seasoning.

Slice peeled carrots with a peeler into narrow strips and cook in water with a tiny bit of butter, sugar and salt. Soak Mie noodles in hot water according to package directions. Mix the drained noodles with the vanilla oil and place on a plate. Place carrot strips on top and place the finished asparagus spear on top and garnish with Thai basil.

Quality wine dry.

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