Filet Mignon Stuffed with Tiger Shrimp on Black Bean Sauce and Straw Potatoes

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Total time: 30 min

Servings: 4.0 (servings)



For the filet mignon stuffed with tiger shrimp, cut the filets to create small pockets. Fill one tiger shrimp into each pocket. Sear the meat briefly and cook slowly in the oven (about 10 minutes at 110 degrees) until done.

For the black bean sauce, soak beans in water overnight. Drain away the soaking water. Finely chop onion and sauté in olive oil or clarified butter. Add beans and season with cumin, tomato paste, and chili if desired. Boil down with water until the beans are soft. Only at the end salt and season with freshly chopped coriander green and parsley and garnish.

For the straw potato, cut potato very thinly into strips. Blanch briefly once in hot oil in deep fryer. Drain. Fry a second time until potatoes are brown and crisp. Serve the fillets with the potato straw and black beans.

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