Veal Broth / Veal Stock

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Total time: 45 min



The recipe gives about 3 l of clear soup

The bones as well as the meat in a heavy soup pot form. Add enough cold water so that it is 5 cm high above the meat pieces.

Let it boil at low temperature. Start skimming off the foam before the boiling point is reached. Continue skimming, adding a glass of cold water every now and then, until no more foam forms.

Do not stir, otherwise the clear soup will become cloudy.

Later add vegetables, bouquet garni and salt to the saucepan and press down until all parts are covered with liquid. Continue skimming the foam until the boiling point is reached.

Reduce the temperature. Then simmer the clear soup for 4 hours on low. Skim off the foam three or four more times during this time.

Strain the clear soup through a sieve into a large baking dish or clean saucepan. Remove the meat, bones, vegetables and bouquet garni. Cool the strained clear soup and skim the last of the fat from the surface.

If any sediment has formed after cooling, carefully pour off the clear soup and remove the sediment.

Our tip: Use young, tender carrots!

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