South Tyrolean Strauben

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Total time: 45 min



Heat the milk and butter until the butter is just melted. Pour both into a wide bowl and add the salt. Mix in the sifted flour by the tablespoonful with a whisk. Then add the schnapps and fold it in. Separate the eggs and fold the yolks into the dough until there are no more flour lumps. Let the dough rest for about five minutes.

Meanwhile, heat the frying fat in a deep frying pan and whip the egg whites with the teaspoon of cold water until very stiff, preferably in a chilled baking bowl. When the fat is hot, mix the whites roughly with the batter, there should still be “egg whites” visible. Prepare the dough on the spot, because if the egg whites are already beaten or stirred into the dough for a few minutes, they will liquefy repeatedly.

Next to the stove, spread out a double layer of kitchen roll to drain the finished bunches. Later, pour a ladleful of batter in a spiral into the very hot fat. When the bottom side looks golden brown, turn the bouquet to the other side using two spatulas and “bake” the other side as well. When you take it out, drain a little bit over the frying pan and put it on the kitchen roll. There is enough batter for about five servings. While still hot, sprinkle the Strauben thickly with powdered sugar and serve with your choice of cranberries or apple puree.

Tip: The strauben must be eaten hot, they do not taste

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