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Turkey, Meleagris galopavo liter, domestic fowl descended from the wild turkey. Males, turkeys, grow up to 7, 5 kg, females, turkeys, reach up to 3, 5 kg. The best in flavor and meat are annuals, weighing 5 to 7, 5 kg. In Anglo-Saxon countries valued Christmas poultry. Turkey tolerates fatty stuffing when prepared.

A turkey can weigh even much more than 1000 dag. However, such giants rarely come on the market. More in demand are the baby turkeys, which weigh only 2 to 3 kilos. The most sought-after are turkey cuts, which you can buy for small households in any desired size. When buying cuts, pay close attention to the weight. They can come from animals of very different ages and sizes.

The cuts

Each of these cuts tastes different and can be done differently.

Breast: The light-colored breast meat is the most tender and leanest part of the turkey. Fillet, steak and cutlets are cut from it and make wonderful portion cuts and a tender cutlet. Larger cuts of breast are tied into roll roasts or otherwise sold as roasts. They can be steamed or otherwise roasted in the oven.

Drumsticks: Leg meat is darker and stronger in flavor than breast meat, yet tender in this case. Sold are whole legs, meaty top legs and the one small bissc

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