Neuchâtel Fondue

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Total time: 45 min



At the beginning you should rub the fondue tile with the cut surfaces of the halved garlic clove. Very sensitive ones just bite the clove and breathe into the baking dish You can also pour the wine into the tile and use the hand blender to grind the coarsely chopped cloves.

Later, heat the wine on the kitchen stove and gradually add the cheese, stirring throughout with a wooden spoon. Season over medium heat with nutmeg and pepper.

As an aside, someone should cut the baguette into large cubes. It is best to first cut into 2 cm slices and then into quarters.

Later increase the temperature, stirring constantly until the fondue comes to a boil.

Then you should hear the call to light the burner

Mix the cherry brandy with the potato flour and add it to the boiling cheese mixture. Add the juice of one lemon as well.

Bring to the boil once more, stirring continuously, and now place on the lit burner.

Adjust the burner so that the fondue “smiles”, as they say in Switzerland.


Always use crusty bread, there should be a piece of crust on each piece. Calculate 200 g per person. Everyone takes a handful of the bite-sized cubes on the plate. It is best to cut it before you start cooking.

Do not start the preparation until all the guests are there. A light white wine is great as an appetizer.

If the

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