Raisin Escalope with Sweet Mushrooms

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 4.0 (servings)



Try this delicious pasta dish:

Cut a pocket in each cutlet, season from the inside with salt, paprika and new seasoning. Fill each pocket with a slice of cheese and half of the raisins and pin or sew closed.

Heat 2/3 of the butter – or clarified butter – in a frying pan, fry the cutlets on both sides until golden brown, then remove.

Now sauté the onion cut into strips in the hot butter until soft, deglaze the stock with a dash of white wine, add the escalopes repeatedly and steam for fifteen to twenty minutes with the lid closed. Add the finely chopped ginger pieces for the last five minutes.

Soak the remaining raisins in hot water.

In the meantime, toast the almond slivers in the remaining butter until golden brown, then add the drained mushrooms (reserving the juice from the can) and let both color.

When the cutlets are cooked, remove them from the frying pan and keep warm.

Add 2 parts of water and 1 part of mushroom broth to the schnitzel stock to about 4dl, add the finely weighed tarragon and boil the sauce to 2/3. Then strain through a fine sieve or blend with a blender. Add the swollen raisins and the almond-mushroom mixture, bring to the boil and thicken with the cornstarch. Season with salt, paprika and new spices, stir in stiffly whipped cream and add to the sauce.

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