My First Bread, Homemade

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Total time: 45 min



Form 500 g of wholemeal flour into a dough bowl, mix 1 sachet of dry yeast and 12 g of salt into the flour using the baking horn (dough scraper). Add 330 g of room-warm water in batches. Mix first with a wooden spoon, later by hand. Knead in the baking bowl until the dough separates from it. Later knead on a dry surface for 5 min. Form into a ball and return to the baking bowl. Cover with a wet dishcloth and place in a warm place. Leave to rise for 2 hours.

The volume of the dough will have increased by half. Knead the dough again well on the surface and press it into a patty. Shape this into an oblong loaf and place in a well-greased loaf pan (pie dish (quiche dish)). Cover with damp crockery.

Turn on conventional oven to 220 °C , convection oven to 200 °C , gas stove to level 4-5. Bread should rise repeatedly for half an hour. Approximately the same amount of time is needed for the oven to reach the desired heat. Brush the bread with oil and bake for 65 minutes until light brown. Remove from the mold, cool on a rack.

Tip: Can be frozen (3 weeks).

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