Double Decker Pastry

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Total time: 1 hour

Servings: 12.0 (servings)

For the light dough:

For the dark dough:

To finish:


For the double-decker pastry, first prepare a baking sheet. If bread is to be baked in the pan, line it with baking paper or grease and flour it.

In separate bowls, prepare the light and dark dough: Pour half a cup of lukewarm water into each large dough bowl. Place the germ cube in the water and mix with a fork.

Add the remaining dry ingredients to the bowl in order and mix coarsely with the fork so that the spices are well distributed in the flour. Then mix all the ingredients together with the fork, mixing in enough water to keep the fork in the finished dough so that it doesn’t fall over, otherwise the dough will be too soft and the bread will be bacon-y. If there is flour left in the bowl that the dough cannot absorb, add a little more water.

The dough can be processed immediately. Form a two-tone bread or roll from the two doughs. Roll/bread loaf without a mold: The dough should not be too sticky. Roll/bread loaf is best formed with a wet hand or a wet dough card. Bread loaf in the mold: For baking in the mold, the dough may be a little softer and stickier. However, the fork should still not fall over in the finished dough. If the doughs have different softness, put the firmer one in the pan first and then the softer one.

Brush the pastry first with water and then with egg or milk, if desired, and sprinkle to taste.

Place the tray with the pastry in the oven.

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