Fried Wan Tun – Fried

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 50.0 (servings)



Fat, for deep frying Yield: For The Filling -at your whim desire h – that the white finely chopped.

Knead all the ingredients for the filling well together. Make a small unit with the tsp. Cut off u. Put on a corner of the dough skin. Fold up the small corner, then fold over the larger corner, fold up the sides as well, dampening one side with water to “stick” the whole story together. Heat the fat, fry the wan tun in it (about 3-4 at a time) until golden brown in oil. They are eaten hot with chili sauce. (Of course, you can also put the wan tun in a soup. => Wan-tan or Wan-legen soup)

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