Fish Stew with Leek

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 1.0 (servings)



For the family: microwave recipe

Leek is the ideal winter vegetable. It has an anti-inflammatory effect and is rich in vitamin B (important for protein metabolism and blood formation). Sea fish provides iodine and fluorine, 2 contents that even children today often lack. You can freely vary the types of fish.

No matter whether fresh or frozen: The main thing is to use sea fish!

Rinse the leek, clean it and cut it into 1 cm wide rings. Remove the peel from the onion and garlic and chop finely. Put everything in a microwave dish, pour the clear soup and cook the vegetables with the lid on for 12 minutes at 600 watts. Cut the fish into 2 cm cubes, sprinkle with the juice of one lemon and season with salt and pepper. Add the fish cubes to the leek form. Fold in the crème fraîche and the saffron dissolved in a little hot water. Stir the cornstarch with a little water, gently mix all the ingredients together. Cook everything for another 2-3 minutes at 600 watts until it has boiled up once. Season the ragout with salt and freshly ground pepper and bring to the table. It goes well with long-grain rice.

Fill the ragout into a shallow baking dish, sprinkle a mixture of 60 g breadcrumbs and 60 g grated Parmesan on top and cover the crust with 60 g butter flakes. Place under the hot broiler until the crust browns.

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