Dörrhütt’n Niggalan in Sage Dough Coat

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Total time: 45 min


For the sage batter:

For the Feldkirchner Grant`nschleck:


For the Dörrhütt’n-Niggalan boil water with cinnamon stick and stew the dried fruit in it until soft. Cut into small cubes, mix with curd cheese and season with honey. Form small balls from the mixture.

For the dough, mix flour, milk, oil, egg yolks, chopped sage and salt until smooth. Beat egg whites with sugar until stiff and gently fold into the dough. Pull the niggalan through the batter and fry in hot fat. Lift out, drain and serve.

Drizzle the Dörrhütt’n niggalan with honey and serve with the prepared Grant’nschleck. For the Feldkirchner Grant’nschleck, mix all ingredients together.

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