Curd Cheese Soufflé with Applesauce

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Total time: 1 hour

Servings: 6.0 (servings)


For the curd:

For the applesauce:


For the curd cheese soufflé with applesauce, separate the eggs and beat the egg whites until stiff. Mix yolks, sugar, lemon zest and juice until creamy. Stir in curd cheese and semolina.

Stir milk with vanilla pudding until smooth and mix in. Carefully fold in the snow. Mix in raisins to taste. Peel apple and cut into thin slices. Pour half of the mixture into a greased baking dish sprinkled with breadcrumbs.

Put apple slices (possibly cinnamon) in between. Put the rest of the mixture on top. Bake at 180 °C top/bottom heat for about 1 hour.

For the applesauce, peel the apples, remove the core and cut into small pieces. Bring the apple slices to the boil with water, cinnamon sticks and cloves.

Cook on low heat until soft, about 20 minutes. Remove cinnamon sticks and cloves, stir the mixture through the liquid or puree. Refine the curd cheese soufflé with applesauce with a little powdered sugar.

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