Chocolate Hearts with Raspberries So Sweet and Also So Fruity

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 4.0 (servings)

Chocolate hearts:

Sour cream sauce:

Raspberry sauce:


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Chocolate Hearts Cut the cooking chocolate, shape into a stainless steel bowl and melt on a water bath.

Beat two egg yolks and one egg white in a whipping kettle, over hot steam, until light and fluffy. Season with sugar, Arabic coffee spice and cayenne pepper. Stir in the cooking chocolate and remove from the water bath.

Grate some zest from the orange and the lemon. Remove the stem and seeds from the chili pepper and chop the pepper. Stir the cognac or possibly Baileys, brandy, rum, orange liqueur, a little vanilla, chili and a pinch of orange zest and lemon zest into the chocolate mixture.

Whip the cream until creamy and gradually fold into the chocolate mixture.

Spread out small heart shapes with Baumkuchen and pour the chocolate mousse into them. Place in the refrigerator to set for at least three hours.

Sour cream sauce Stir sour cream with powdered sugar, a little milk and juice of one lemon so that it has the same consistency as the raspberry sauce.

Raspberry sauce Sprinkle the raspberries with sugar and drizzle the juice of one lemon over them.

Blend in a hand blender and spread through a sieve. This leaves all the seeds and you get a smooth sauce that gets its binding from the fruit.

Remove the hearts from the mold and place on plates. Garnish with raspberries, mint and sauce pattern.


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