White Beans Florentine Style – Toscana

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 4.0 (servings)



A bean recipe for every taste:

This takes 45 to 60 min, depending on the type of bean used. If it is necessary to add liquid, use hot water.

Just before the end of the cooking time, salt the beans and leave them in the warm cooking liquid until further use.

These Fagioli alla Fiorentina are for me one of the great dishes of Tuscan cuisine – also without meat garnish. They are seasoned with pepper and drizzled with olive oil. To accompany them, a glass of wine and a piece of bread is enough to soak up the olive oil.

The culture of legumes is not very developed in this country, that’s why some cooks don’t dare to make these simple dishes. It is important that the dried beans are not too old. In Italy these differences are declared, the fagioli freschi are on the markets from August. So young and tender, they then do not need to be soaked or cooked for too long. So it is worth buying legumes in an Italian store where you are familiar with this philosophy.

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