Nut Plate – Hazelnut Ice Cream with Fruit Salad

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 2.0 (servings)



For the fruit salad, cut the dates and apple piece into small pieces. Halve the hazelnuts. Mix everything well and drizzle with rum.

Use a large spoon to scrape four pieces out of the hazelnut ice cream and place them decoratively on a plate. Arrange the fruit salad next to it.

Franz Betzel:

The focus of this dessert is the hazelnut, which is common throughout Europe and northern Asia and can be grown just as well in the garden. The spicy kernel yields a light-yellow oil that tastes extremely fine and mild. The most important hazelnut varieties are the Zellernuss (grown by the Zell monastery near Würzburg at the beginning), the Roman (which came to Rome from Pontus), the French Lyoner and the Spanish Barcelona nut. They all belong to the Lamberts or Langbarts nut family. In Austria and Hungary there are also stands of the tree hazel, which arrived in Lower Austria from Constantinople in 1582 through David v. Ungnad, and whose oldest and largest trunk is in the park of Merkenstein. Due to its flexible canes, the hazelnut bush used to have a great pedagogical importance as well.

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