Rolled Breast of Veal

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Total time: 45 min



Remove the rib bones and the cartilage of the breast of veal from the butcher and cut the meat flat (“rollable”),.

Rinse the meat in lukewarm water, dab it well with a paper towel, season it, sprinkle it with the juice of a lemon and lay it flat on a surface. Spread with the veal sausage meat, roll up and tie with a thread so that the meat filling cannot ooze out.

Fry the meat on all sides in hot butter. Add the onions and carrot and pour a little beef broth. Sauté for 1 hour, always adding more beef broth and turning the meat to the other side.

Before serving, remove the thread, cut the meat into slices and arrange on a heated platter.

Drain the sauce, perhaps bind it with flour butter (mix half butter, half flour together) and bring to the table with the meat.

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