Roasted Porcini Mushrooms

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Total time: 30 min

Servings: 2.0 (servings)



For roasted porcini mushrooms, cut garlic into thin slices. Pluck off thyme leaves and chop finely. Pluck off parsley leaves and chop. Grate the lemon peel. Carefully clean porcini mushrooms, halve or quarter depending on size. Rinse tomatoes and let drain.

Heat 2 tbsp. oil in a frying pan, fry tomatoes at medium temperature for 2-3 minutes, season with salt and pepper.

Heat 3 tbsp oil in a second frying pan, fry the mushrooms and garlic in it over high heat for 2 min, season with pepper and salt and sprinkle with thyme.

Mix the remaining oil with lemon zest and parsley.

Drizzle the fried porcini mushrooms with the lemon parsley oil and serve with the tomatoes and toasted white bread!

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