Roast Duck with Beet Dumplings and Creamed Spinach

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 4.0 (servings)


Beet dumplings:

Creamed spinach:


A great spinach recipe for any taste:

Trim the wing tips of the duck, fill into a soup pot along with the neck and giblets. Roughly cut up about a quarter of the vegetables and add them – any unsightly parts, such as carrot peels, hard pieces of celery, also belong in this soup pot. Add some salt, also a few peppercorns and cover everything together with water – after a good 120 minutes of simmering, it makes a wonderful clear soup! Grind salt with spice grains and sugar in a mortar. Rub the duck inside and out with a good half of it. Finely dice onions and carrots and mix in a baking dish. Chop a few sage leaves, chop celery leaves and two of the stalks and stir in, also season with a tiny bit of seasoning powder (from our mixture).

Peel the apple, cut it into quarters, remove the core, slice the quarters and add. Tuck this mixture into the duck belly, pressing the thighs together over the opening and tying with kitchen twine.

Prick the duck skin a few times with a fork wherever there is a lot of fat underneath, so that the fat can fry out nice and evenly.

Then roast in the oven – this is the only way to ensure that the roast reaches an even temperature: at 250 °C for 25 to half an hour, with the back facing up. Only when the duck is properly sizzling and enough fat has been roasted out, serve with clear soup or W

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