** Crispy Duck Breast with Chocolate Chili Syrup

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 2.0 (servings)



Rinse the duck breast, dry it and make a diamond-shaped incision in the skin with a sharp kitchen knife (but without scoring the meat!). Season the meat heartily on both sides with salt and sear it briefly but sharply at high temperature in the olive oil at the beginning on the meat side. Turn the duck breast to the other side, roast leisurely on the skin side over medium heat. Turn back and forth to the other side. Roast leisurely for about eight min[1] until skin is crisp and meat is pink inside. Rest for a few min before cutting.

In the meantime, caramelize the sugar, extinguish with a strong dash of red wine and season with a small dash of vinegar. Add the clear soup and the whipped cream [2] and let it bubble up. Add the coarsely chopped chocolate and let it melt at low temperature. Add the chili – vary the mass, depending on the desired degree of spiciness…

Cut the duck breast into small slices and drizzle the chocolate syrup next to it.

Serve with e.g. mango polenta (dice mango and shallot, sauté in a little oil, deglaze with a little bit of clear soup, then pour in polenta, add clear soup if needed. Continue as usual with polenta).

[1] Slow roasting on the skin side will render most of the fat from the duck breast.

[2] The whipped cream is important! It prevents the chocolate from flocculating later.

Our tip: Use lovely red white

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