Blood and Liver Sausage Strudel on Apple and Horseradish Vegetables

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 4.0 (servings)


Béchamel sauce:

Apple horseradish vegetables:

For garnish:


Brush the strudel dough sheets with beaten egg yolk. Sauté the onions in butter until soft, season with a little salt, pepper and nutmeg, then briefly sauté the garlic.

Place cabbage, marjoram and onion strips in the middle of each strudel sheet, then layer blood sausage and liver sausage on top.

Fold the strudel sheets like parcels and bake in an ovenproof coated frying pan without fat in a hot stove at 180 °C for 15 minutes.

For the BÂchamel sauce, heat the butter and sweat the flour in it. Extinguish with wine and mix in the whipped cream until the sauce has the desired consistency. Season with salt, pepper and nutmeg and cook for 10 to 15 minutes. Weigh out 50 g of the sauce, use the rest of the sauce for other purposes.

Melt the sugar in a non-stick frying pan, add the butter and sauté the apples in it. Extinguish with Calvados and white wine and add in the weighed hot sauce form. Season with juice of one lemon, pepper, salt, raspberry vinegar and horseradish. Finally, fold in the whipped cream.

Cut the strudel packets with a kitchen knife and arrange them on the apple-horseradish vegetables. Garnish with cranberries and chervil leaves as desired.

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