Macaroni with Beef Roulade

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 4.0 (servings)




Rinse the roulade meat, dab dry, mix all kitchen herbs and spices and rub the roulades with it.

Cut the garlic wafer-thin or grate it if necessary, form a small mass of it in each roulade.

Cut the onions into rings, the bacon into cubes or fine strips, fill the roulades with them, roll them up and pin them with 2 roulade pins.

Heat the fat until smoking hot, fry the roulades heartily on all sides, then fill up with the diced broth and perhaps the red wine. The roulades should be pretty much covered with the liquid. Depending on the size of the roulades, steam for about 1, 1/2-2 hours at medium heat. Shortly before the end, add the peeled tomatoes and braise them.

Thicken the sauce with a little flour and season.

In the meantime, make the pasta, rinse with cold water and steam in butter.

Also in the meantime cook the carrots in a little salted water and maybe a little butter.

Our tip: use bacon with a fine smoky touch!

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