Long Grain Rice Congee – Joek

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 4.0 (servings)



I N F O For this recipe, only broken rice is used, and it is cooked much longer than usual to make a tasty porridge.

Traditionally, the long grain rice was left to cook in the extinguishing embers for one night so that it would be ready for breakfast in the morning.

RINSE the long-grain rice and place it in a large, heavy saucepan. Add water, salt and pandanus leaves and bring to a boil. Reduce temperature and cook over very low heat until tender, stirring frequently so that the long-grain rice breaks down and does not stick. It needs at least 1 hour, possibly longer.

Season with green onion, pepper, soy sauce and coriander.

Congee is usually eaten with pork products or pork cooked in porridge – such as pieces of liver, kidneys or Chinese sausage. Some cooks also add eggs. Other accompaniments include fried bread, slivered ginger and a small bowl of chili pieces soaked in vinegar.

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