Lobster Cocktail

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Total time: 45 min



Chef Torsten Roemling recommends taking a fresh lobster not frozen. The preparation takes half an hour, the ingredients taste around 25 euros.

Cut the fresh lobster in half lengthwise from the center to the tail end with a large knife. Tip: Pierce the tip through the lobster first, then push back. Separate out the tail halves, then break open the claws and joints (with a nutcracker or similar) and also separate them out exactly. There is meat in the legs as well. Cut into small cubes. Mix crème fraîche, tomato ketchup, mayo, currant jelly, cayenne pepper, salt, orange juice and lime juice with a whisk until jelly is dissolved, season heartily.

Cut the nashi pear without the peel into one to two inch cubes, slice the scallions into very fine strips and fold into the cocktail sauce along with the blueberries, lobster meat, and pomegranate pearls. Pull a little. Serve in glass dessert bowls on cut hearts of lettuce or on strips of iceberg lettuce. It goes well with sparkling wine or seltzer. But also champagne.

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