Lemon Water – Limonnaja Woditza

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Total time: 45 min



Fruit waters (“Woditzi”) were made from berry juice, which was mixed with water and lightly fermented. Vodka was often added, admittedly in very small quantities: about 1 soup spoon of vodka to 1 bucket of fruit water.

Sauerkraut or cabbage juice diluted with water, extensively boiled and sweetened, was also very popular. These types of drinks must be consumed quickly, as they do not keep long.

Note: start about 14 days before.

Rinse the lemons well. Using pieces of sugar, grate the yellow from the lemon peel, removing the white. Slice the peeled lemons, remove the seeds. Add the sugar. Pour the boiling water over it and cool it down to 30 °C. Add the raisins and the yeast. When fermentation starts, put the water on ice for twelve days, but do not put it in the freezer form.

Fill into bottles. Be careful not to shake up the sediment. When bottling, filter the juice through a linen or cotton cloth folded four times. Close the bottles tightly, e.g. with a stopper, seal and refrigerate.

Drinkable after a few days.


Use only champagne bottles for bottling, as they withstand the pressure generated by fermentation. Do not fill the bottles completely.

Store the bottles diagonally with the stubble down. It is best to bury them in sand.

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