Goose with Figs

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 6.0 (servings)




Soak the toast in milk. Squeeze with your hands, set aside. Fry the liver briefly in a lightly oiled frying pan. Cut bacon into small cubes. Rinse parsley, remove stems. Remove peel from garlic. Chop liver and bacon, add toast and egg yolks, mix, set aside. Remove peel from celery, cut into 3 cm long pieces, sprinkle with lemon. Blanch for 10 min in boiling hot water. Put into a sieve.

Rinse figs and poach in boiling hot salted water for 2 min. Drain on kitchen paper. Preheat stove to 180 °C (gas mark 6). Cut figs in half, remove a few seeds and garnish with filling. Set aside. Fill the goose with the celery cubes, add bay leaf spice. Season with salt and pepper. Brush the poultry with the oil. Roast in the stove for half an hour per half kilo. Turn twice to the other side, baste from time to time and lower the temperature if necessary, the skin must become nice and crispy. 10 min before serving, drape the figs around the goose.

A little gravy on the figs form. Present the roast goose whole, do not cut it until at the table.

If you can’t get fresh figs, use dried ones. In this case poach for 15 min instead of 2 min.

– Country : France – Takes about : 02 h half an hour – Cooking time : 2 h – Preparation t. : half an hour – Difficulty : Complicated – Price : Medium

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