Stuffed Martini Goose

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Total time: 1 hour

Servings: 6.0 (servings)



Lightly salt the inside of the cleaned goose, removing the head, neck, feet, wing tips and fat pads. Set the goose aside and prepare the stuffing. Strain the breadcrumbs, soaked in milk and squeezed well, through a sieve and sauté lightly in the butter. Put the liver through a meat grinder. Cut the softly cooked chestnuts into small pieces and mix them with the eggs, some salt, the buns and the liver. If the stuffing is not compact enough, increase the proportion of breadcrumbs. Stuff the goose and sew it up. Season all around with salt, pepper, marjoram and mugwort. Fill a large roasting pan about a finger high with hot water, place goose breast down and let it color at 220 °C for a good quarter of an hour. Then gradually reduce the heat in stages to 160 °C. Then roast the goose for the appropriate length of time (about 35 minutes per kilo), depending on its size, while regularly basting it with its own juices. Turn the goose over after half the roasting time. Once cooked through, carve into four pieces and roast over high heat (220 to 250 °C) or under the grill for another five to ten minutes until the skin is crispy but not too dark. (Keep stuffing warm in the meantime.) Before serving, dust the de-fatted drippings with a little flour, pour in poultry stock and reduce to a creamy sauce. Arrange the pieces of goose around the stuffing and serve the sauce separately. This goes well with a glass of Burgenland sweet wine

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