Fillet in Whisky Pepper Sauce with Potatoes and Vegetables Au Gratin

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Total time: 5 min

Servings: 4.0 (servings)



Meat And The Sauce:


Cut potatoes into sticks and drizzle with olive oil. Spread potato sticks evenly on a tray and season with salt, pepper and rosemary. All at 180 ° C for 20-half hour in the stove form.

Rinse the vegetables and cut them. In a frying pan heat olive oil, a little salt, a little brown sugar and a crushed clove of garlic. Toss vegetables in it.

Highly heat olive oil in a frying pan and sear fillet steak for 2-3 minutes on each side. Remove the steak from the frying pan and extinguish the hot oil with whiskey. Add the sour cream, red salt, soy sauce, peppercorns and pepper and cook briefly.

Arrange the rosemary potatoes, steak and vegetables on a plate and drizzle with the sauce. Garnish with physalis and chopped chives.

Tip: As an alternative to the fresh chives, you can also use the freeze-dried.

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