Blunzen in Blaufränkisch

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 5.0 (servings)



For the Blunzen in Blaufränkisch, soak the dried mushrooms in lukewarm soup for about 1/2 hour. Gently pierce the blood sausages with a fork and place in a deep casserole. Cover the sausages with red wine and simmer on low heat until 2/3 of the wine has evaporated.

Add the soaked mushrooms along with the liquid (as well as some more fresh red wine, if desired) and continue to simmer. Just before the liquid has completely evaporated, lift mushrooms out of the broth. Meanwhile, keep heat rather low so that the blood sausages do not burst.

In the meantime, cut the liver into small cubes, season with salt and pepper and lightly fry in butter with the mushrooms lifted from the red wine broth. Cut the blood sausages lengthwise in the middle, pour the mushroom-liver ragout over them and serve the Blunzen in Blaufränkisch hot sprinkled with fresh parsley.

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