Basic Sourdough Recipe

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Total time: 1 hour

Servings: 1.0 (servings)



For the basic sourdough recipe, the flour is properly stirred together with lukewarm water until a paste is formed. that resembles a pancake batter. The dough is covered and left to stand warm.

Every 12 hours, the porridge is beaten until it blisters, and then it is put back to rest, covered and warm. Every day, add 100 gr of flour and 100 ml of lukewarm water to make a pancake-like mass.

Repeat this process for 5 days: beat, add flour and mix with lukewarm water. Then it becomes “sour”, you can smell it very well!

You can now process the sourdough, but since it is not yet strong enough, you must also use yeast!

Store the sourdough in a well-sealed tin in the refrigerator. Attention: the sourdough must be “fed”, once a week! Add the hot 100 g flour and 100 ml lukewarm water and stir well!

Close again and put in the refrigerator. The sourdough keeps there for several years! It becomes stronger and stronger with time, so that no more yeast is needed. Good luck!

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